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Heated Level 2 Vinyasa

This class is taught by:

Maggie Ryan

Maggie completed her first vinyasa teacher training in 2010, shortly after graduating with her BFA in Musical Theatre from Point Park University. In 2012, she went on to complete her 200 hour training with Chrissy Carter at YogaWorks NYC. Maggie teaches an alignment-based class with fluid, yet intuitive sequences. She uses humor to lighten the effortful moments, and as a reminder to stay grounded in the present moment. Maggie is personally committed to creating a sustainable practice grounded in ahimsa (compassion or non-harming) and svadhyaya (self-reflection). When she’s not teaching, Maggie works as an actor both onstage and more recently, onscreen.

Callahan Malone

Callahan received 200 Hour Certifications from Dominique Ponko at Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh in 2010 and Jeanmarie Paolillo at YogaWorks, NYC in 2012, and her 500 Hour Certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2014. Callahan also completed Yoga Works Kid's Yoga Teacher training with Jocelyn Kay Levy.
Callahan currently teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation at Stray Dog Yoga Studio, as well as private classes and workshops and truly appreciates that this practice allows you to be physical while taking care of your body, mind and soul.  Her classes are focused on bringing strength and grace into the daily lives of her students through powerful and mindful sequences.   

Lindsay Austin

Lindsay’s first experience with yoga was in 2003, when she escaped to Costa Rica for a week long Baptiste Immersion Bootcamp. She returned with a sense of lightness and peace that she knew would serve her in everyday life. After years of a consistent practice coupled with a passion for preaching the benefits of yoga, it was time to enroll in teacher training. Lindsay was trained and certified with Dominique Ponko of Yoga Flow. Her teaching style emphasizes a strong foundation and the intuition of her students. Freedom of movement, freedom from pain, space, stillness, presence, and the magic of balance—Lindsay invites you to discover these benefits and so much more. Let go and come be curious…you never know what you’ll find on your mat.
Level 2 classes include targeted warmups, breath work, Sun Salutations and carefully sequenced standing postures that lead to a peak pose.  Instructors will create a safe space for students to mindfully explore arm balancing postures, inversions and challenging standing sequences. Class will wind down with counter postures, cooling floor work and savasana.  
Level 2 classes are designed for students who feel comfortable in a Level 1-2 class and wish to further explore the subtle body as well as advanced postures.  
The studio will be heated to 87-93 degrees for this class.