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To You, Our Woof Pack

When we first decided to build a new yoga studio, our woof pack was small.  But when we opened our doors to the North Hills yogis, we knew they were our kind.  

And our woof pack, it grew, one by one.  And now, 3 years later, we find ourselves saying "wait a second, could it be"? And now we know for sure, we add new yogis into our woof pack every day.  All of us wolves, running around the suburbs together, in Wexford, looking for peace and love. So, today, we make a toast. 

Here's to you, Stray Dogs. Thanks for being in our woof pack. We think you're pretty cool, so this week, we're thinking of gratitude as a pose we can practice.  You know Up Dog, and Down Dog, now let's do Thanks Dog.  Stay tuned this week for a little “thank you” from each of us. 

Don’t miss encouraging words from each of your teachers.  Follow us and share your messages of gratitude with #thanksdog.  







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