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Get Back to Basics

This month, your Level 1 teachers, Jesse Bueno, Erin Kander, Jill Delaney and Callahan Malone, will be taking you on a journey to explore the benefits of Level 1 (Beginner’s) yoga.  We will address common misalignments in the postures you practice most, share helpful tips and tutorials, and work with you to build a strong foundation for a life-long practice. 

We will begin with the mother of all poses, Tadasana (Mountain Pose)! While it might look simple, there is a lot going on in this pose.  We always take time to stand tall in Tadasana at the beginning of class to evoke samastithi, standing with still and balanced attention, because it is important to infuse proper Tadasana alignment and principles into each pose. 

Tadasana is a great place to bring awareness to postural imbalances and habits (samskara) that we don’t want to carry into our asana practice.  We are born with curves in our spine, 4 to be exact; sacral, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical.  These curves are beautifully designed to absorb stress from body movement and create an even distribution of weight.  Over time, the weight of gravity, age, structural imbalances or everyday activities can cause these curves to become abnormally exaggerated, rounded or compressed.   A regular asana practice can help restore balance and build appropriate strength and flexibility to support the natural curves of your spine.  Working towards proper spinal alignment will revitalize not only your yoga practice, but your daily life.

While this might seem like a “mountain” of information, don’t fret.  Jesse will be breaking down the basics with videos, pictures and exercises for you to work on at home and in class.  Plus, all Level 1 classes this week will be dedicated to helping you support the natural curves of your spine and stand tall in your Tadasana. 

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Stay tuned for next week’s theme; Chaturanga Dandasana!


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