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What to Expect
What to Bring
Get the Most out of Your Class (and Help Others do the Same)
Class Levels

What to Expect
Create an account and register for class before arriving.  If you need to cancel your reservation, or have trouble registering in advance, leave a message at (724)719-2055 or email contact@straydogyogastudio.com.  You will not be charged for a reservation cancelled at least 3 hours prior to the class start time.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled class time (10-15 minutes if you are new to the studio and/or haven't created an account online).  Once class begins, our front door will be locked for the safety of our students and teachers.  

Upon arrival, please check in at the front desk where you will meet your instructor and complete and sign our new student form and waiver.  Inform your instructor of any injuries or conditions they should be aware of.  Our teachers will provide options based on your doctor and/or physical therapist's instructions.  Obtain permission from your medical provider before attending a group class if you are working with an injury.  
Each class is 60-75 minutes long.  Students will begin by dropping into awareness of the present moment through breath work then warming postures.  This mindful integration is followed by a series of heat building standing sequences.  The final portion of class is dedicated to cooling postures and savasana so that students will leave feeling balanced and whole.

What to Bring
We provide blocks and straps. Rental yoga mats and bottled water are available to purchase. For heated classes, it is helpful to bring a towel that covers the entire length of your mat.

Restorative yoga and meditation props such as bolsters and blankets are not provided.

Please feel free to bring any additional props that support your personal practice (i.e. yoga blankets, bolsters, etc.). 

Get the Most out of your Practice (and help others do the same)
Our studio space is meant to be calm and quiet. Cell phones should be left in the lobby in silent/vibrate mode. Ensure your cell phone alarms are not set to go off during class time. Please limit quiet conversations to the lobby and avoid talking in the studio space. If you arrive late or need to leave early, please be respectful of fellow students as you enter or exit quietly. Inform your teacher before class if you will be leaving early.

Part of this practice is learning to turn your thoughts and gaze inward. Avoid interrupting your neighbor's contemplative state by talking during class. If you are in need of a break during class, poses of relaxation, such as Child’s Pose, are always encouraged; please avoid disrupting the class by walking or standing around.

Our teachers can provide you with adjustments during class to improve alignment or help you move deeper into a pose. If you would prefer to not receive hands-on adjustments, inform your teacher before class.

Drink plenty of water, especially before and after class.

Class Levels
The physical practice of yoga is a practice of recognizing and accepting feedback from our bodies.  This mindful process is both challenging and empowering.  At Stray Dog, asana (postures) are used as a template for self inquiry.  Our different class types are designed to support this process and to help you get the most out of your practice by choosing what works best for your body.  We offer Heated and Non-Heated Vinyasa Yoga in levels 1, 1-2, 2, and 3. As students become more in tune with their bodies, they are invited to make their practice more personal by working with their edge in flexibility, strength and balance.  We highly recommend new students attend at least one Level 1 Vinyasa class before advancing to Levels 1-2 or 2. 

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