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Welcome Home!

We are committed to providing students with a clean, peaceful and comforting space to explore the practice of yoga.  We specialize in vinyasa yoga where breath is linked mindfully to movement.  To ensure your comfort in heated classes, we use a state of the art, energy efficient system.  Heat and humidity levels are carefully controlled during these class, while floor level vents and ceiling diffusers circulate fresh air throughout the studio.  Our studio space is designed to support deeper breath and intense focus. Heat encourages this, while increasing blood flow to muscles, preventing injury and allowing students to safely move into each pose.  Our unique flooring eases pressure on joints, providing a safe space to challenge yourself.
All are welcome at Stray Dog, regardless experience or fitness level.  We pride ourselves on the friendly and supportive community that has been growing here since our very first class.  Stop in today, find a happy home for your down dog!