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Prenatal Yoga Series

Pregnancy is a time of change, both physically and mentally. It can be exciting, yet apprehensive as our bodies change with the growth of new life! Prenatal yoga is a wonderful compliment to staying healthy and fit during pregnancy. Unlike other forms of exercise, prenatal yoga can ease the stress pregnancy puts on the body, calm the mind, and prepare the body for delivery. Strengthen and open hips and shoulders, and learn strategies to help ease the back pain that develops during the later trimesters. Mothers will also learn a mula bandha practice in order to tone and prepare the pelvic floor, vital to health prior to and after delivery. Also learn pranayama exercises that help during delivery, and with insomnia as the pregnancy progresses. Finally relax in a restorative position designed to help the body release, allowing for mental and physical rest. This class is perfect for those new to yoga, as well as the seasoned practitioner.

Gretchen Dudek, E-RYT, taught prenatal yoga at Oxford Athletic Club for over six years, during which she worked with many expecting mothers and was able to address specific needs, and develop a class which she found helped prior to, during and after delivery. Many of the infants she taught in the womb, later joined her for preschool yoga!

Register at least 1 week before series start date.  Series will be cancelled 1 week in advance if there aren't enough participants.  
5 Class Series for $75
Drop In $18

Thursdays from 9:30-10:45am

Summer 2015
July 16, July 23, July 30, August 6 & August 13