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Teacher Training Testimonials

Tierney Wirth, 2014 Graduate 

"I highly recommend Stray Dog Yoga Teacher Training to anyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher. This training went far beyond my expectations, and I feel that I am so well-prepared to be a yoga teacher coming out of it. We studied anatomy and yoga, theory, ayurveda, introductions to prenatal, teen, restorative, and other special populations, nutrition, fascial anatomy workshops, as well as Yin Yoga teacher training. We had many hours of practice teaching, including a lot of experience teaching in front of the entire group, which prepared me to go out and teach immediately following this training."

Jill Sansom, 2014 Graduate

"We were always in the presence of the instructors They were all amazing and brought a ton of breadth and depth to the training. When I discuss my training with other instructors in my geographical area, that trained elsewhere, there is always an air of amazement, and slight envy!

The training I received was so much more than I ever expected. I am eternally grateful for the gifted and compassionate instructors that contributed to my learning. From philosophy to nutrition, from fascial lines to Yin, from introductions to so many complimentary practices and sciences all the way through to the physical asana practice, I feel I have gained a rich and deep foundation to grow from. This training gave me the confidence to trust myself and know that the path of yoga and teaching were the right choice! I could have selected a training program closer to my home, but somehow I knew that making the commute to learn from these souls was the right option! If Stray Dog Yoga studio is within your geographical choice for a school I would highly recommend you consider it!"

Erin Kander, 2013 Graduate

"This training provided me with a solid foundation. Stray Dog Yoga Studio guided me into a rewarding career teaching yoga as well as a life long practice. I appreciate the number of hours that were dedicated to practice teaching and the feedback that was given. I also learned a great deal about myself throughout the training program."